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Windows 11 also introduces new gaming technologies previously only available on Xbox consoles. Gaming is about to improve with Windows 11, with improvements from subtle to major. Why Windows 11 Is Better for PC Gaming.

Why Windows 11 Is Better for PC Gaming.

Superior Game Pass Integration

Microsoft’s flagship gaming product offers day-1 first-party releases, as well as a wide selection of third-party games that come and go over time. Game Pass is a seamlessly integrated experience on Xbox consoles, but on Windows 10 systems, it feels clunky and slapped together. Many Windows 10 users have experienced corrupted game files, weird Windows Store integration problems, and failed game uninstallations.
PC Game Pass and the rest of the Microsoft gaming ecosystem are built into Windows 11 from the outset. It includes Windows 10 patches and future upgrades.Although this isn’t everyone’s experience, it is important to note that Microsoft hasn’t added Game Pass to Windows 11 after the fact.The firewall is a critical component of the operating system and is one of its key pillars.

Improved Performance and Efficiency

As Windows 10’s life cycle progressed, the “Game Mode” certainly helped with performance issues. A Game Mode is also included in Windows 11, but it’s been refined and has been present since the beginning. Microsoft has learned some lessons from Game Mode.

As part of Windows 11’s Game Mode, non-game processes are deprioritized to maximize your hardware performance. According to a PC Gamer comparison of Windows 10 and 11, there are some minor performance differences, generally in favor of Windows 11, but not always. The overhead between software and bare metal will likely continue to be reduced to something similar to a gaming console.

DirectStorage for Faster Storage Speeds

Compared to previous gaming consoles, high-speed storage is one of the biggest advantages.In games that use asset streaming, loading times have been greatly reduced, and performance has been greatly improved.
Modern SSDs can’t match the speeds offered by PCs, but DirectStorage brings the technology from Xbox to PCs. Using this feature, the GPU can accelerate transfer speeds while relieving some of the CPU’s overhead. As a result, gaming becomes faster.
DirectStorage requires a few very specific components to work, but eventually, every computer will meet those requirements. In the beginning, DirectStorage could only be used with SSDs with 1TB of storage, but that requirement was later removed. In this case, you need an SSD that supports NVMe and DirectX 12 with shader model 6.0.

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