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What is Amazon prime?

It will soon cost $139 per year or $14.99 per month to subscribe to Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime members enjoy a wide range of benefits. On the other hand, the biggest perk is free one- or two-day shipping on most items sold by Amazon. According to the company last year, there are more than 200 million paid Prime members worldwide. You can now understand what Amazon Prime is if you’ve ever wondered what it is.

Amazon Prime members enjoy a wide range of benefits.

How to keep i for lower prices?

It seems like we have to deal with yet another subscription service increasing its prices every week. It is the latest, but you can secure a cheaper price for a little while if you’re crafty.
As part of its earnings report, Amazon raised the price of Amazon Prime from $119 to $139 a year. The monthly plans will go from $12.99 per month to $14.99 per month. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you add it up with everything else that has gone up recently, it really adds up.

Thanks to a lower price of $119, you can secure another year of This great platform. All you need to do is buy a gift subscription to Prime. Then set your Prime subscription not to renew after you get it. You will need to go to your Account, click Prime, and Manage My Membership to do this. From there, you can stop your Account from automatically renewing.

Subscribers must do this before the price increase on February 18, 2022.
After you’ve completed that, you can redeem your Prime gift once your current subscription expires. You are now locked into Prime for another year at $119 instead of $139. Next time, you will have to pay full price, but doing this will save you $20.

According to CNBC, you can also get This with the Metro by T-Mobile cell phone plan. Getting Amazon Prime without spending more might be a great option if you’re looking for a new cell phone plan.
You can cancel Amazon Prime and get a refund if none of these methods work for you. The refund only applies if your membership hasn’t been used, but you can cancel either way.

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