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You can achieve your social media marketing objectives by creating a social media game plan composed of several simple steps. It’s a vast arena, and if you don’t follow the rules, you’ll lose yourself within it. Competition is fierce, so you need to stand out if you want to get noticed. Having an effective plan will help you stand out. Here you will learn How to you create a Social Media game plan and why should you have one?

How to you create a Social Media game plan
How to you create a Social Media game plan

A Social Media strategy that works for you

Here are four steps you should follow when creating a game plan for your business

  • Establish a network
  • And spread your presence
  • Connect with others
  • Maintain

Your first step should be to build your network by searching for potential users in your target audience segment and adding them to your network. You should always add a personalized message when requesting new members to join your network. In addition, you can find and join groups relevant to your line of business. 

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You might join groups where nutrition, diet, or health are discussed if, for example, you are a company selling health drinks. Such groups can attract new customers to your product lines. However, remember to ADD VALUE when in a group environment. Actively participate in discussions, answer questions that you are capable of answering, and don’t aggressively promote your product.

Propagate in social media. The second step is to be visible on social media. You can add links to your social media pages in your signature line or on your website if you have a newsletter. Let the world know about your company!

Keeping in touch with your fans and group members is the third step. A social media campaign is simple to implement but requires effort to survive. It is not usually immediate that results will appear from a social media campaign. You can only send e-mail to members of your network if they have given you their permission. When you send relevant content, the members of your network will receive it. To make your content WORTH reading, ensure it adds VALUE to the reader and not simply be an advertisement for your products/services. 

As a company selling health drinks and part of the diet and nutrition group, you can add a link such as ’10 Best Anti-Oxidant Rich Fruits’, along with an image and some details about your product, encouraging people to contact you if they’re interested. Your e-mail flyer that focuses on your product will not be as well-received as this approach.

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