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The following information will give you tips on stopping your Android phone’s location tracking (and how to log out of your Google account) and how to delete location history from your operating system and some popular apps. Depending on your Android version and whether you have an overlay on your device, various commands may appear different, but they should all be close enough to figure out what they are. The instructions below were written using an Android 12 phone. However, I have included some education versions for those using earlier Android versions. Here’s How to stop location tracking.

How to stop location tracking
How to stop location tracking


Using its Google Maps app, Google can track where you are and what you’re doing. Besides monitoring your movements and activity through the built-in apps, your Android phone also tracks your trends through several other apps.

If you do not want it to track your movements, you can turn off the tracking for all (well, most) of your phone’s activities. The only thing you need to know is that your apps (such as taxi apps, weather apps, and mapping apps, among others) will be less usable – or completely unusable – because of this change.

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As a first step, we’ll prevent Google from storing your data.

  • Please go to
  • There are three activity buttons under “My Google Activity”: Web & App Activity, Location History, and YouTube History. Selecting each one will take you to that particular section.
  • If you choose Activity Controls, however, you will be able to find the information you need faster. In addition to controlling ad personalization, this page displays all three controls in one place.
  • Your Google apps and services activity is included under “Web & App Activity.”. You can do that if you prefer to keep tracking on but stop it from saving your history or activity when using Chrome. It is also possible to turn off “Include audio recordings,” which determines whether all audio interactions with Google and Google Assistant are recorded.
  • Moreover, you can find information about your location in “Location History,” which saves details about where your device has been. You should also select the down arrow next to “Devices on this account” to view a list of all the devices on your account that are currently tracking your location – since it may include old phones you are not using, you should take a look.
  • Besides disabling your YouTube history, including both search and watch records, you can also disable your “ad personalization” setting, selecting which ads you see based on your account.


Now that you’ve stopped the data gathering, it’s over. It’s possible, however, that you’d like to delete all or portions of the data captured so far.

  • Click on “Delete activity by” to return to the My Activity page in the left-hand menu.
  • When you select the activity, you wish to delete. You’ll get a pop-up window allowing you to choose a period: the last hour, last day, “All time” (meaning all dates), or “Custom range” for a specific period.
  • By selecting “Custom range,” you can choose the date range you want. Depending on what services you choose (such as ads, Chrome, Google Play Store, etc.), you can filter that information. Click “Next” when you’re done.
  • Following that, you will be able to see a preview of some of the deleted activities. Click “Delete” to remove them.


  • Navigate to the Settings page. Tap the “Activity controls” search button whenever it appears in the top search box.
  • Select the Google account you want to manage if you have more than one.
  • Similar to the web version, you can pause or turn off monitoring of various activities and set automatic deletion and manage a timeline of them.

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