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Although Slack began as a way for employees to communicate with their colleagues, it has grown in popularity as a tool for friends, colleagues, and family to stay connected. If you subscribe to a paid plan, you can create in-the-moment “huddles,” in which up to three users can switch from text to audio. Let’s learn How to send private messages and make calls in Slack.

How to send private messages and make calls in Slack
How to send private messages and make calls in Slack

In addition to tools for team collaboration, Slack offers tools to chat with one person at a time. This article covers a few ways to communicate privately through Slack, including text, audio, and video.


How to use the Slack desktop app:

  • Click on their name below “Direct messages,” type your message in the box at the bottom, and hit enter / return to sender. You’ll find their name in the left-hand sidebar under “Your recent messages.”
  • The person’s name to whom you want to send a message will appear in the sidebar if it does not already appear. Click on the + next to “Direct messages.” If that person is in that Slack workspace, you will see their name in the results, and you can click on their name. Press enter/return once you have typed your message in the bottom box.
  • Additionally, you can click on the pencil icon in the upper left corner of the screen to the right of your workspace and username. To get in touch with somebody, enter your name in the top bar. You can send a message by entering it in the box at the bottom of the screen and pressing enter or return.

How to use the mobile app:

A list of all your direct messages is found under “DMs” at the bottom of the screen. You can carry on a previous conversation or find someone you have already communicated with.

At the bottom of the Home screen, tap the pencil symbol to access the menu. It will then bring up the “New Message” window with a list of people who have been contacted in the past; choose a person from the list, or type in the name of the person you want to message.

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Besides calling, Slack also has an integrated messaging system. Voice and video calls are available on the free version, but only to one other person. In addition to doing group calls and sharing your screen on video calls, Slack’s paid plans allow you to do group calls with up to 15 people.

Using the Slack desktop application:

  • Create a channel or direct message
  • by selecting the phone icon on the top right corner
  • Corner, then select the camera icon to begin recording. The “Share Screen” icon is also available if you have a paid plan.

App using a mobile device:

  • You can begin a conversation with the person you want direct messages from
  • Tap the information icon in the upper-right corner when using an Android device. Tap the individual’s name at the top of the page if you’re using an iPhone.
  • You can start a call by tapping the call icon (the person will receive a notification that someone is attempting to contact them).
  • Click the camera icon to start a video call.

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