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In Excel, certain tasks are intuitive, such as inserting currency. However, others aren’t, like combining columns. Here are a few strategies use to merge TWO columns in microsoft Excel.

How to Merge Two Columns in Microsoft Excel

It is possible that you imported data from another location or that someone entered data into your sheet. An indivisual can use an operator or a function to combine two columns that would work better as one.

About Merging Columns in microsoft Excel

Excel has the capability of merging cells, as you may be aware. When you choose this option, the data is only retained in the first (far-left) cell. You shouldn’t use this feature if you want to combine two columns but keep all data intact.
Users can merge data in two columns into a third column so you can keep track of them. As you prepare to combine the data in the cells as described below, you should insert another column if necessary.

The next step is to perform the following:

  1. In the first row, combine two cells from each column.
  2. Repeat the process for the remaining rows.
  3. It is optional to convert the formulas to static values.

Merge Cells in Columns

Before copying the contents of cells, you can merge them initially using the ampersand operator or by using the CONCAT function. Users can cover this process.

Using the ampersand symbol (&) in a formula to combine data in cells has more uses than a shorter way to type the word “and.”

Insert one of the following formulas in the first row of your new column for merged data, replacing the cell references with your own.
Enter the following formula in cells A2 and B2 and press Enter:

These two cells are combined into one string.

In order to merge cells A2 and B2, you would use the following formula:
=A2&” “&B2

A space should separate the parentheses. This method is useful for combining first and last names or separate words.

You would use this formula to merge the cells in A2 and B2 with a hyphen in the middle:

This method is convenient to merge phone numbers or product identifiers.

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