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It is a time-consuming and tedious task to keep up with your email. The number of unread emails can quickly mount up. So it is easy to ignore other tasks to check your constant stream of messages. In this article you will learn How to keep your email from getting out of control.

It is challenging for me to keep that unread count low since I have multiple email accounts. To improve my inbox management skills, I gathered some advice and researched. These tips will help you keep your email inbox organized, spend less time dealing with emails and make sure you don’t miss a deadline.

How to keep your email from getting out of control
How to keep your email from getting out of control

Checking every email as it comes in is not a good idea.

You’re likely to get distracted by emails throughout the day, even when you’re in the middle of something important since they appear in your inbox. Please take an hour out of your day to check your emails and respond every day, instead of reading them all as soon as you get them. 

Schedule time during the day to check your email if you are not looking for important messages. Apart from that, do not check it frequently.

Another good idea is to reserve a bit of time once a week or every few days to organize your inbox more thoroughly, like creating and using folders and labels and sending those long emails.

Keeping your email app closed and turning off your email notifications may also help you avoid wandering into your email app. Be sure that you haven’t left your inbox open in another tab.

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It would help if you only dealt with emails that you can address immediately when you examine your inbox regularly. Respond to emails as you go through your messages if they require a quick response. You may want to set aside more time to answer it later if it requires more time. To receive those emails at a more convenient time, you can label them, place them in a specific folder, or sleep them.


Organize your emails into different folders. A priority may be based on urgency, importance, the time required to solve them, or what actions are required. Using Gmail’s default tabbed layout and Outlook’s focused inbox can help you find important emails and remove spam. It is possible to organize your emails into different sections in Gmail, and you can select which sections to sort them into. On the other hand, Outlook allows you to create custom groups for your email.


Mail incoming is sent to certain folders based on filters and rules. Your attention will be focused on the most important emails when you use them. By using tags instead of folders, labels can also assist you in keeping track of your email and help you organize it.


It sometimes happens that you send the same email over and over again. To make things easier, you can create email templates to reduce the amount of writing needed to send out emails. Other ways to write emails quickly are to use Gmail’s Smart Compose and Smart Reply tools.


Don’t subscribe to mailing lists or promotional emails. Verify that you’re only receiving newsletters that you’re reading, and remove anything you haven’t read in a while. Additionally, if you do not need social media alerts, unsubscribe. You can disable this in the social media settings of your account. Alternatively, you may wish to keep your important emails on your main account and use a separate email account for promotional emails.

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