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Throughout this article, I will introduce how Android apps are developed. In this essay, I will not get into technical details but instead provide an overview of the various approaches that you should consider before you begin. Learn How To Develop Android Apps: Getting Started.

How To Develop Android Apps: Getting Started
How To Develop Android Apps: Getting Started

There is no denying the popularity of smartphones worldwide. According to a news article published in May 2012, more than 50% of all new mobile phones sold in Europe are smartphones. The year 2011 was the first year that Android phone sales surpassed those of the iPhone, the phone that started the revolution of smartphones”.

As the number of Android phones grows, so does the number of Android apps (short programs designed to run on these phones). Additionally, tablets running the Android system are becoming increasingly popular as well. It results in a growing demand for Android apps.

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Consequently, businesses are experiencing many interesting opportunities thanks to mobile apps. Established businesses across the globe are acknowledging that this trend is unlikely to change anytime soon. Mobile apps have been created to increase revenue and enhance an organization’s image. Businesses and consumers appear to be thinking differently about software with the rise of mobile apps. From Microsoft comes an illustrative example: Windows 8 is designed to be more mobile-friendly, and software applications are now called “apps.”

How should you go about learning how to develop Android applications? It depends on how much money and time you are willing to invest and your previous experience (if any).

Programming yourself is the most obvious solution. Java and the Android Mobile SDK are required for this task. You will need to learn how to work with build tools and object-oriented programming if you haven’t programmed before. Becoming an app developer is hard work and long hours. But you will have gained a lot of useful knowledge if you succeed at making your first few apps!

Several software products can create Android apps for you if you don’t know how to program or do not wish to learn. Most of these are online programs that use wizards and templates. However, this approach limits your control over the outcome, as you would have it if you had done all the programming yourself. Some of these app makers are free. Others charge a one-time fee or offer a subscription service.

You may also hire a freelancer or a company to develop your app if your software does not fit your needs. Hiring a freelancer may seem challenging and expensive if you happen to be an individual or small business. But, using a resource such as oDesk, you now have access to thousands of cheap freelancers living outside of North America and Europe. They are usually very capable and will not charge you much, so the cost of developing your app should be low.

Since I could not find an online app maker that met my needs and was not inclined to spend a lot of money, I decided to do all the programming myself. However, even though I have some coding experience, I am not a professional software developer. So when I encountered a relatively simple programming problem, I was stumped.

A freelancer solved my problem after I hesitated, which sped up my app’s development tremendously! I only spent around $100, and I got it to the market sooner than I had done everything myself. I was able to begin testing customer feedback sooner to determine if my idea was a viable business model.

It worked for me, but what works best will depend on what method you use. Whichever method you use, make sure you get to your goal: making that app a reality that people can use and enjoy and perhaps will help you make money.

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