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Have you stopped using Apple devices? Your iCloud or Apple ID may need to be deleted. You will find instructions on deleting your Apple ID in this article. You can request that Apple delete your Apple ID account after removing it from your different computers and mobile devices. Once your account is deleted, it cannot be recovered or reactivated. To delete your iCloud account, you will need to follow the same steps since it cannot be deleted by itself. Here’s How to Delete an Apple ID.

How to Delete an Apple ID
How to Delete an Apple ID

Prepare to delete your iCloud Account.

Check to see if you want the Apple ID deleted permanently. 

All purchases and services associated with an Apple ID are permanently lost when you delete it. All of the Apple ID services, such as the App Store, Apple Pay, iCloud, iCloud Mail, iMessage, Facetime, subscriptions, and all other services, will no longer be available.

  • Then look at the steps in “Disabling iMessage” if you’ve switched to an Android phone from an iPhone.
  • You can temporarily deactivate your Apple ID instead of permanently deleting it if you do not want to delete it permanently.

Back up any files or emails before deactivating them. 

Be sure to backup any important messages and files before you delete your iCloud Account since you will lose access to your iCloud Mail and iCloud Drive accounts.

  • Moving your iCloud Mail messages to an external inbox stored on your computer is how you can backup your iCloud Mail.
  • iCloud Drive allows you to download documents and images to your computer.

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How to unauthorize your Apple ID in iTunes on Windows

Launch iTunes. You can access iTunes by double-clicking the icon, which looks like a multicolored musical note on white.

  • You can sign in to iTunes automatically if you have not already done so. Click Account, then Sign In, in the top menu bar. You will need your Apple ID email address and password.
  • Click on Account. At the top of the screen is the menu bar.
  • Select Authorizations from the menu bar. The Authorizations submenu appears.
  • To deauthorize the computer, select this option. Under the Account menu, it’s the submenu on the right.
  • Log in with your Apple ID password. For your Account to be deauthorized, you will need to authenticate. You can do this below your email address by entering your password. Ensure that you are logged into the correct account by checking the email address.
  • To deauthorize, click the link. The sign-in window’s lower-right corner has it.
  • Click on OK. After you have successfully deauthorized your computer, a message should appear stating that you have done so. Select OK to confirm.
  • Select Account. A menu for Account is located in the top menu bar.
  • Select Sign Out. A sign-out dialogue box will appear.

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