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What is spotify playlist?

In part because of its compelling soundtrack, HBO’s hit series Big Little Lies captivated audiences a few years back. A character’s child, for example, assembles cool playlists on her iPod touch with songs such as “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” by the Temptations and “The Wind” by PJ Harvey; songs that reflect the various dramas taking place on the show. know How to Copy a Spotify Playlist ?

How to copy spotify playlist

Though I was skeptical that a young kid could have such cool playlists, it inspired me to create my own cool or (more accurately) not-so-hip playlists, and I wasn’t the only one.
A playlist is a collection of songs or sound clips played on an audio device or via a streaming service. As an alternative to clicking between songs on Spotify, you can create customized playlists that you can use for parties, working out, or just hanging around the house.
Creating playlists on your phone, mobile device, or computer is as easy as signing up for Spotify (for free or for a fee).

How to copy Spotify playlist?

There are tons of playlists on Spotify. You can copy a playlist you like, but change a few songs if you want. Below are instructions.
Rather than starting from scratch, you can create your own playlists this way. You can look for a pre-made playlist that’s close to what you want, copy it, and then finish it yourself.

Firstly, open the Spotify app on your desktop or web browser and find the playlist you’d like to copy.

To highlight the first song in the playlist, click on it to highlight it.

Selecting all the songs is now as easy as Ctrl+A (Cmd+A on a Mac). In addition to clicking the last song in the playlist, you can also hold down the Shift key while you do so.

Select the highlighted songs from the list by right-clicking on them and selecting Add to Playlist > Add to New Playlist.

The playlist will be titled by the first song in the playlist by default, and it will contain all of the selected songs. The title and cover can then be changed just like any other playlist you create.

That’s all there is to it! Take your pick and add or remove the songs according to your taste. Make this playlist your own. Now that you are the proud owner of it, make it your own!

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