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Is your Google speaker having problems connecting to WiFi? Below are a few suggestions on how to solve the issue. Your smart speaker just arrived, and it’s packed with features. You’re eager to start using it. Once the device is plugged in, and the package is removed, you wonder how to connect to WiFi. You can find a short guide outlining the appropriate steps below if you are uncertain of how to proceed. Our focus should help you get your Google Home Mini up and running quickly, whether you need help setting up the WiFi network on your device or changing the network attached to it. Here’s How to Connect Your Google Home Mini to Wi-Fi.

How to Connect Your Google Home Mini to Wi-Fi
How to Connect Your Google Home Mini to Wi-Fi

Make sure you have the following at hand before you connect your Google Home Mini to your WiFi:

  • The Google Home app at its most recent version
  • Access to a Google account
  • Mobile device with Android or iOS
  • Access to your wireless network and password

Setup the Google Home Mini to connect to WiFi

You will have to download the Google Home app from the App Store or Google Play to use it.

1. Go to your Android or iOS app store to download Google Home.

2. You can connect a Google Home device with the Google account you wish to use. The App will prompt you to enable Bluetooth.

3. Congratulations, your new Google Home device should now be recognized by the Google Home App. Click Next.

4. You will now hear a sound from the speaker. Tap> Yes to listen to it.

5. Locate your Google device in the room or location you want.

6. Using the Google Speaker’s name field, type a name for the device.

7. The Google Home will display the list of available WiFi networks. Choose one from the list. Click the Next button.

8. Connect to the WiFi network by entering the password. Your Google Home device will now connect to the Internet.

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Set up your Google Home Mini to connect to a different WiFi network 

Do you wish to switch your Google device’s WiFi network? Maybe you need to change the password for an existing network? These are the steps you need to take:

1. Begin by making sure your mobile device and Google Home Mini are connected to the same WiFi network.

2. Download the Google Home app onto your smartphone or tablet.

3. The Google device you want to connect to WiFi should appear in the list now. Tap that device.

4. Scroll down and tap Settings > WiFi> Forget Network.

5. You will reach the Google Home app Home screen after confirming to ‘Forget Network’.

6. Following the steps below will help you set up a new WiFi network on your device:

Set up a new Google network

1. Click Add Set up devices Set up new devices 

2. In the following few seconds, the App will scan for nearby Google Home devices and prompt you to connect to the Google Home hotspot on your mobile or tablet. You will see it listed under your WiFi networks.

3. Open the App again. You will hear a sound coming through the speaker. Tap > Yes when you hear the sound.

4. Decide where to place your Google device.

5. Plug your Google device into the WiFi network. Click Connect after entering the password. Now you should be able to access Google Home.

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