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Have you been thinking about changing the 9-minute snooze feature on your iPhone? Although there is no way to customize the snooze, there is a simple workaround, such as setting up multiple alarms. These methods are straightforward to use. You will learn how to adjust the snooze time on your iPhone in this article. Learn How to Change Snooze Time on iPhone.

How to Change Snooze Time on iPhone
How to Change Snooze Time on iPhone

How to Set Multiple Alarms

Tap the Clock app. You’ll see a clock face in black and white as the app icon. You can launch apps by tapping their icon on the Home screen or by locating them in Control Center.

  • Using multiple alarms without the default snooze time, you can set snooze alarms that suit your preferences.

Select Alarm, then tap +. The app will present you with a new alarm for you to customize.

Choose when to wake up. Your Alarm will go off when you specify, such as 7:00 am.

To turn off snooze, tap it. The default snooze alarm of 9 minutes is disabled with gray switches.

Click Save. You will save your Alarm.

  • The Alarms tab shows you the time you set for your Alarm.

Press + again. You’ll be prompted to customize your second Alarm.

Choose a wake-up time. The dial on the clock should indicate the time you want the Alarm to go off, for example, 7:05 am.

To turn snooze off, tap the toggle next to it. The snooze alarm for 9 minutes is disabled if the gray switch is turned on.

Click Save. Now, the Alarm has been saved.

  • A 7:00 am Alarm goes off, and a 7:05 am Alarm will go off, both of which are shown in the Alarms tab.

If you wish to use additional alarms as snooze alarms, create them and save them. It is possible to make as many alarms as needed this way. Please remember to turn off the “Snooze” setting.

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How to use Progressive Alarm Clock

 Open the Progressive Alarm Clock application. Click the sunrise icon on the main screen. The App Store offers a cheap version of this app if you don’t have it.

  • By gradually increasing the loudness of the Tibetan singing bowl sounds, this app is supposed to wake you up gently.

You can choose the time. You can set the Alarm by selecting a time in the drop-down menu next to “Alarm Time.”

Select Options. It is the last option under the alarm time drop-down menu.

Click Snooze Time. You’ll find it near the top of the window.

Select the time you prefer. If you wish, your Alarm can ring again between one and thirty minutes later.

Tap the Start button again. At the top of your screen, click “Options” to return to the main menu. It is located next to the back arrow. By tapping Start, you will turn on the snooze time for your Alarm.

  • There are dozens of apps that claim to be able to track sleep for iPhone users. They include Sleep Cycle – Sleep Tracker, Alarm Clock for Me, and Wake Up Time.

Use Alarmy – Morning Clock Alarm.

Click on Alarmy. A traditional alarm clock icon represents the app. You can get this app from the App Store for free if you don’t have it already.

  • You’ll be prompted to leave your bed with different missions, like taking a picture of your room or answering a few math questions, according to Alarmy.

Just press the alarm button. Tap the clock icon on the bottom of the screen if you don’t see a list of alarms. You can create a new alarm by tapping +.

Tap Snooze to snooze. Your Alarm will show you options so you can customize the amount of time it sleeps.

Tap the option to sleep for, then tap Done. Set the snooze time from one to sixty minutes, then tap Done to end the process. There will be a checkmark next to each selected snooze time to identify which one you’ve selected.

  • After you tap Done, the snooze menu will close, and the snooze time you designated will be used when the Alarm goes off.
  • You can find various iPhone apps that allegedly work like this, including Alarm Clock for Me, Sleep Cycle – Sleep Tracker, and Wake Up Time.

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