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You have probably experienced the moments when tearing your eyes away from social media seems impossible. However, you may want to use an app or browser extension to restrict the amount of time you spend on sites that hinder your productivity if your social media use is becoming a problem. here in this article you will learn How to block yourself from social media apps?.

How to block yourself from social media apps
How to block yourself from social media apps

How to block yourself from social media apps

These three tools will help you regain your time by blocking social media sites.

1. Freedom App

Social media blocker apps like Freedom are among today’s most popular apps. Moreover, it can be used on both smartphones and tablets, and it is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac and iOS platforms, as well as Chromebooks. There is also increased functionality by using a few browser extensions alongside Freedom.

The most appealing characteristic of Freedom is that users can set their limits: each can select which websites they want to block, or they can block the entire internet. You can also set a time limit for using specific websites, plus monitor how much time you spend on each site.

The first seven sessions of Freedom are free, but you will be required to subscribe if you wish to keep using it.

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2. StayFocusd (browser extension)

You can limit how much time you spend each day on specific websites by using StayFocusd, a free browser extension. Google Chrome is the only browser that supports the extension, so Firefox or Microsoft Edge will not be able to use it. Having StayFocusd installed is the only downside since you can switch to another browser without having it installed.

With StayFocusd, you can limit the amount of time you can spend on specific websites to keep you focused. StayFocusd does this by locking users out of those websites for the rest of the day once they have met their daily time limit for those sites.

Also, you can’t take back the restrictions you set if you choose the “Nuclear Option”, so be careful and don’t accidentally increment the time limit (in hours) by 2 more minutes.

Furthermore, its site-blocking features are pretty powerful – you can block specific sites, specific web pages, paths, and individual content items on web pages (like pictures and videos). Additionally, the software syncs with all of your other devices so that you can’t open unwelcome sites from one device to another.

3. RescueTime (app and browser extension)

An app and browser plug-in called RescueTime tracks how much time a person spends on websites, documents, and other programs. You can browse using Chrome, Firefox, and Brave browser plug-ins on Chrome, Android, Mac/iOS, and Linux devices with the app. You can also download it to as many devices as you like.

It not only blocks specific websites for a designated period, but RescueTime also offers a wide range of productivity tools, including goal-setting exercises and reports that show how much time is spent on every site and the Productivity Challenge coursepack. You can integrate many other programs with the software, including Slack and Calendar. For the first 14 days, RescueTime is free without any commitment. After that, you’ll have to subscribe to keep using it.

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